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8KG Kettlebell

8KG Kettlebell

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Avoiding a sedentary and inactive lifestyle is necessary to preserve your body over the years. SportNow invites you to train regularly and in a varied way with this 2kg kettlebell. Using the kettlebell every day, you can increase the mass of forearms and shoulders, while the legs and back will be more toned and shapely and the posture will improve. Improve your physical appearance and discover new exercises to keep fit with a Kettlebell SportNow.

Features: H3>
    • for exercises of Fitness, including agility training, cardio, resistance, squats, lunges and more • the wide and smooth handle guarantees a comfortable and safe grip, it is held with one or two hands • Press printed on each side • Smooth -coating and coating e Resistant • Flat base that prevents oscillations

technical data: h3>
    • color: orange • material: PU, Sand • Total dimensions: 18L x 10p x 20a cm • Handle length: 12 cm, 18 cm • Ball size: Ø10cm • Weight: 2 kg •

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