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Pawhut Modular Fence for pets 125x80x70cm

Pawhut Modular Fence for pets 125x80x70cm

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Do you need a cage to keep your puppies safe? This Pawhut product is perfect for you! Light and easy to assemble, this fence is designed for your animals, and can be used both in the internal and external spaces. It is equipped with an entrance door that can be closed with a lock, for greater protection even when you are away from home. Stable squares - it guarantees a safe and maximum stability and a long duration of the materials - the grilled elements allow The maximum passage of the air - the resistant elements are hygienic and easy to clean - thanks to the element with the door, mom bitch can enter and get out comfortably from the fence, while the puppies, being high the door, cannot escape - ideal both all Interior that outside, unrehemous resistant - easy and quick to assemble and dismantle - folding, easy to fix once dismantled to save space - 4 anchor hooks are included for the fixing to technical terradates - Color: Black - Measures: 125 x 80 x 70 cm (l x p x h)

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