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Pawhut Fence for Dogs For Pets 6 Panels 65 x 95 cm resistant plastic

Pawhut Fence for Dogs For Pets 6 Panels 65 x 95 cm resistant plastic

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For dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals: this fence is suitable for your pets and will represent their oasis of tranquility. To ensure safe, longevous and anti -rust use, it was made of high quality PP material. 8 panels are connected by special bars and fixed to the ground or floor .. The door has two closures, to allow the appropriate opening and closing and guarantee safety for your animals. In addition, it is very versatile: the panels can be arranged according to various forms, in order to adapt to the space of the environment. This enclosure is the best solution to keep your four -legged friends safe! Features the 8 panels' pet boxes offers ample space for puppies and other small animals made of resistant PP, it will last for years without ever rusting the panels are stuck Firmly with connection bars and lower joints, the locking closures keep the door firmly closed includes protective caps at the two ends of the light connection rod, comfortable to transpose suitable for internal or external use easy to be touched by Technicians material: PP color: white Dimension: ф135 x 95a cm Each panel: 65L x 1.7p x 95a cm Dimensions Porta: 41l x 62a cm grilled dimensions: 3.5l x 9.5a cm net weight: 11.1kg

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