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Wooden Cat Bedding with Litter for Cats, 2 doors

Wooden Cat Bedding with Litter for Cats, 2 doors

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Are you looking for a comfortable and safe cat litter? Do you want a solution to contain smells? The Pawhut bedding cabinet offers your cat a private and comfortable space for its needs adapting to the style of your home. It can be used both as a reader holder and as a kennel for your 4 -legged friend. It is equipped with a tiragraffi to sharpen your nails and prevent the sofa or home furniture from scratching. The doors allow you to open it easily to put the bedside box. The cat can enter a side opening. This bed furniture brings to your cat's need for privacy and your need to hide the litter and contain the smells.

It can be used as a bed mobile, bone or cabinet to store your objects
Simple design suitable for any type of furniture
Made with MDF P2 panels, which make the furniture robust and durable
Equipped with a removable tiragraffi
The cat can enter an opening on the side, satisfying its need to stay in a closed space
Base raised from the ground, for easy cleaning of the floor and to keep moisture away
Doors with magnetic closure practices, allow you to open it to comfortably put the bedside box
The covered litter for cats contains smells and prevents them from spreading in the room
Large top support surface
Assembly required

Technical data

White color
Material: MDF
General dimensions: 91l x 52p x 50.5acm
Internal space (left side): 57.5l x 50p x 39acm
Right side: 28.5l x 50p x 39acm
Maximum measures for the Tiragraffi: 42l x 25p x 5acm
Side opening: 25.5l x 39acm
Tiragraffi size: 40l x 23p x 5acm
Weight capacity: 10kg (internal), 15kg (upper floor)

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