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Beige Cat Tree for cats with Scratch Pole, 50x50x100cm

Beige Cat Tree for cats with Scratch Pole, 50x50x100cm

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Give your cats an oasis of happiness with this pewhut tiragraffi tree. With its different platforms and the cat at cats, it is the perfect solution to entertain them and relax. There are Poles and Tiragraffi Panels in Sisal to satisfy the need of the cats to sharpen your nails and thus avoid making them on your furniture. Make your little friends happy with this cat tree!

- Palestra for Multilivelo Cats with Tiragraffi
- Sisal poles and panels to make nails
- Trespolo made with solid chipy panels
- Soft and hot peeling coating for maximum comfort
- There is a coccia for cats
- Assembly required

Technical data

- Beige
- Material: chipboard, plush, sisal
- Dimensions: 50L x 50p x 100acm
- Tiragraffi panel size: 50L x 50pcm
- rope diameter: φ4mm
- Tiragraffi Pali Pali diameter: φ7.2cm
- Panel thickness: 1.5cm
- weight capacity: 10kg

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