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Set of 6 Weights | Weight 35kg

Set of 6 Weights | Weight 35kg

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Do you want to create your fitness corner at home? Equipped with Homcom weight discs for your workouts! They are perfect to use mounted on a barbell or simply challenged to perform your favorite exercises. They are made of solid steel with glazed finish, to resist rust and corrosion. The different weights of the balancing discs allow you to find the right load for each exercise, to train at home and in the gym.

- Ideal for beginners and experts, to train at home or in the gym
- steel discs with glazed finish
- Each disc shows the indication of the weight to recognize them easily
- Design with 3 big openings to challenge in a practical and safe way
- You can use them mounted on a barbell or simply holding them
- total weight of 35kg, consisting of 2 10kg discs, 2 of 5 kg and 2 from 2.5kg ; - Central hole from փ 5.4 cm for suitable for the main brackets from փ 5 cm or less

Technical data

- Silver colour
- Material: steel
- 2 x 10kg discs: փ 31 x 3pcm
- 2 x 5kg discs: փ 23 x 3pcm
- 2 x 2.5kg discs: փ 19 x 2.5pcm
- Central hole diameter: փ 5.4 cm
- Total weight: 35kg

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