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30Kg Total with 12 Steel Weight Discs

30Kg Total with 12 Steel Weight Discs

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The set of Homcom weight handlebars is the one you need for your workouts at home. Thanks to the 12 discs with different weights you can adjust the load based on your training program, to enhance different muscle bands of your body. You can store the gym dumbbell set in a small space and transport them easily where you need it. Use them where you want for complete and professional training!

- Complete set that includes: 8 2.5kg discs, 4 1.5kg discs and 2 2kg dumbbells
- Suitable weight handlebars to train arms, shoulders, dorsal muscles, etc.
- non -slip handle for safe training
- easy to store in a small space
- plastic record covering to prevent scratches on the floor

Technical data

- Black colour
- Material: steel, can
- General dimensions: 43L x 18p x 7.5acm
- Disclosure size: փ 2.5 x 45lcm
- 2.5kg discs size: փ 21 x 4acm
- 1.5kg discs size: փ 18 x 3acm

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