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Automatic wall -mounted Wall Wrapped Walls with Attack φ1/4 '' ', 180 °, 20 + 2m

Automatic wall -mounted Wall Wrapped Walls with Attack φ1/4 '' ', 180 °, 20 + 2m

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With the automatic durhand wrapping, flexible disorder tubes are just a memory! The wrapping helps you avoid the risk of stumbling and causing accidents in the workshop and garage, protects the tubes of the compressed air from wear and improves safety at work. With the winding function, the tube can be retracted quickly after use. Metal support allows easy wall assembly and a rotation of the volgube up to 180 ° depending on the needs.

- Ideal for workshops, garages and construction sites
- Compatible with compressors and accessories for compressed air
- The automatic wrapping makes the job more practical and easy
- the tube can be blocked in different lengths by pulling it
- The wall for wall assembly allows a rotation of up to 180 °
- equipped with a handle for easy transport
- an inevitable tool to help you in daily works

Technical data

- Color: Grey
- Material: PVC, pp
- General dimension: 43L x 25P x 35Acm
- length length output: 20m
- entry tube length: 194cm
- Attachment size: φ1/4 '' (6.35mm)
- size of the flexible tube: φ3/8 '' '(9.5mm)
- working pressure: 18 bar
- maximum pressure: 54 bar
- Work temperature: -5 ° C at 45 ° C

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