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Set Balance 20Kg Weights

Set Balance 20Kg Weights

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The Homcom barbell with 20 kg weights is a versatile product, which can help you strengthen your body. After a assembly that requires only a few seconds, you can dedicate yourself to the exercises with the barbell to work on muscle strength, resistance and cardiovascular health. Extremely resistant to traction and wear, the discs are in heavy steel and the barbell bar is in cable steel, suitable for daily use. Modella a perfect physique thanks to constant exercise.

Set composed of: 2 5kg discs, 2 2.5kg discs, 2 1.25 discs, 1 2.5kg barber bar a few seconds to assemble it and you can focus on the physical exercise
Heavy steel weights and bar of the cable steel barbell suitable for daily use
The product is extremely resistant to traction and wear, ensuring long duration
Ideal for exercise: it helps to train arms, shoulders and back by strengthening the musculature
It can be used at home, in the gym and in sports areas.

Technical data

Black colour
Material: steel, TPU
5 kg disc size: ф32.5 x 4h cm
2.5 kg disc size: ф29.5 x 3h cm
1.25 kg disc size: ф26.5 x 2.5h cm
Room bar size: ф3 x 140l cm

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