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Outsunny 15m extendable garden tube with 8 -functions spray pistol, green

Outsunny 15m extendable garden tube with 8 -functions spray pistol, green

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Discover this Outsunny Garden Flexible Tube! It expands up to 3 times its length with the pressure of the water and returns to its original length when the water is off. The tube does not twist and does not twist. The ergonomic and non -slip pistol offers you 8 different irrigation modes. Farewell old garden rod awkward and twisted: it's time to try the extendable garden tube outsunny!

- At the end of the use, just turn off the water and the tube will return to its original size
- The tube nozzle has 8 spray modes
- with 3/4 "connector and 3/4" to 1/2 "adapters
- External elastic fabric with latex interior for maximum duration
- Come supplied with a bag to take it
- This expandable garden tube is not tangled, it is light, flexible and easy to handle and preserve
- Ideal for watering the plants, for the maintenance of the lawn, the washing of the car and other jobs in the garden

Technical data

- Green colour
- Material: ABS, Rubber, Polyester 3300D
- Original length: φ20mm x 5lm
- Expansion length: φ20mm x 15lm
- spray gun: 20L x 15p x 6acm
- water pressure to use: 4-8kg
- Maximum water pressure: 20kg

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